Animal Science

There are hundreds of careers for students, like you, who are interested in food animal production, processing, and consumption. Opportunities for work exist in breding and livestock, education, food processing, meat packing, government, feedlot operations, and research.   The Associate in Applied Science Degree in Animal Science is designed to touch on each of these disciplines through varying course options at GCCC.  You will find excellent faculty with high educational and industry experiences instructing your courses.

Animal Science

 If you choose, you may study the live animal side of the industry, which focuses on the health, nutrition, growth, and reproduction, and marketing. You may also choose to study within the meat production aspect of the program. In this aspect, you can gain access to hands-on training in the GCCC Meat Lab and Buster Red Meats. You'll have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the meat and food production process in this inspected facility, including processing, fabrication, curing, smoking, packaging, and marketing red meat products for retail.  The products that Buster Red Meats produces are on sale throughout the Finney County and regional area, including as menu items at local restaurants. You may have the opportunity to challenge yourself and create your own products by using new techniques, ingredients, or marketing channels and approaches

 The department also works closely with area and regional cattle feeding facilities and national animal pharmaceutical companies to help them collect research data on their cattle or for approval of animal health products. You can learn about the research and receive training on various techniques utilized during harvest and grading of carcasses. This will allow you to be exposed to many types of research projects at the community college level and understand the importance of data collection in the efficiency of the live animal and meat industries. 

Class Sizes

Complete an Animal Science degree alongside up to 15 other students in each class, while also enjoying the opportunity to connect individually with your instructor.  

 Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available for students interested in Animal Science, including student employment opportunities within the Buster Red Meats facility. Visit with the Animal Science advisor for more information about these positions.  Visit Financial Aid for more information about funding your education at GCCC through grant and aid. 


Your Animal Science degree advisement will come directly from the Animal Science faculty at GCCC who will also serve as instructors for your coursework, so you can be certain that you are getting individualized attention both in the classroom and during the advisement process.