Academic Advising

Welcome to the online home of the department of counseling and advising. We offer wide variety of services to help you with your college experience. For many students at this college, we provide academic advising.

We can help students to decide which courses they need, which degree to work towards, and which major would best help them to meet their goals. We can also provide advice and testing to help students determine the right career options for them.

We also have three trained mental health experts on staff to help students who are suffering from mental issues such as stress, depression, or anxiety. 

Steps for Successful Enrollment

  1. Apply for admission - before your first semester only
  2. Apply for financial aid - once a year
  3. Take a placement exam (Compass / ACT / Asset) - before your first semester - you can retest on the Compass test here up to twice a year
  4. Speak to an academic advisor to fill out an enrollment form - you can speak to one of our counselors for your major.
  5. Bring your enrollment form to the registrar's office
  6. Pick up your schedule and set up a payment plan in the business office


Emergency Information

If you are considering committing suicide or if you are concerned someone else may be considering suicide, you can find out more information on the resources we have available to help you on our suicide prevention page.

If you are concerned that someone may become a threat to the safety of people on this campus, please contact our campus Safety Assessment Team. You can find out more on our Safety Assessment Team page.

If someone on campus is in the act of harming himself/herself or others on campus, dial 911.


Mental Health Screening
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Genesis Family Health
Counseling Services Available

Programs and Degrees

If you have attended GCCC prior to Fall 2018, please see your advisor for the appropriate degree check.

Associate in Arts 2018-2020 Degree Check

Associate in Science 2018-2020 Degree Check

Associate in Liberal Arts & Sciences, General 2018-2020 Degree Check

Associate in Applied Science 2018-2020 Degree Check


Dean of Student Services
Tammy Tabor

Director of Advising
Sydnee Sassaman

Athletic Academic Advisor 
Zach Towle
(620) 275-3219

Counselor and Advisor
JoAnn Garrier
(620) 276-9635

Melanie Hands
(620) 276-9671

Accommodations Coordinator
Joy Lehmann