Student Accessibility Services

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Accommodations Office is to ensure an accessible and inclusive environment for all students with documented disabilities. Barrier-free, academic success is our goal at GCCC!

GCCC gives you the opportunity to partner with the Accommodations Coordinator and determine which specific accommodations will assist you best.


Requesting Assistance

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  • Physical Disability
  • Health or Medical Disability
  • Hearing Disability
  • Visual Disability
  • Learning Disability
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Mental/Emotional Disability
  • Speech Disability
  • Complete an application for services
  • Provide documentation of disability to Accommodations Coordinator that explains the current impact of your disability in an academic setting
  • Documentation may vary, but may include:
    • an IEP
    • 504 Plan
    • psychoeducational evaluation
    • statement of diagnosis that includes current function limitation of disability,
    • audiogram and/or other relevant medical documents.

To schedule an appointment and continue accommodation services, please email or

Letters of Accommodations will be mailed to you and your instructors before the semester begins, or shortly after, depending on when you have requested service


Services Provided

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  • Reduced distraction testing environment
  • Extended time to complete quizzes, exams, and assignments
  • Use of computer for note taking
  • Physical copies of PowerPoints or lecture notes, prior to class, when available
  • Use of Assistive Technology
  • Use of interpreters in courses and course-related activities

Please contact the Accommodations office for more examples of services provided


Student Resources For Accessibility