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  • Financial Aid contact info

    For assistance, contact: Financial Aid Office Garden City Community College 801 Campus Drive Garden City, KS 67846
    (620) 276-9519 Ext. 519 
    (620) 276-9650 - Fax 
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Tuberculosis Prevention & Control

  • All GCCC applicants taking classes on campus are required to fill out a tuberculosis questionnaire (tb form) before being accepted. TB Questionnaires can be emailed to or uploaded to your account dashboard.

    Fillable TB Questionnaire     - if you answered YES to any of the questions, you are required to provide documentation of testing and evaluation by a healthcare provider before enrollment of classes at GCCC.


    International Students: If PPD is necessary, international students are to submit proof of a PPD (tuberculin skin test) obtained after their arrival in the United States or obtain a IGRA (blood test) after their arrival in the United States, whichever is indicated by individual circumstances determined at time of testing.

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  • KBOR Institutional Profile

    • Garden City Community College is governed by locally-elected officials and coordinated by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR). For the KBOR institutional profile on Garden City Community College, please find the most-recent Community College Data Book on the KBOR web site.
    • KBOR Higher Education Data Book
  • Transfer Feedback Reports

    • The Kansas Higher Education Statistics (KHEStats) portal provides summaries of multiple institutional outcomes, including academic achievement data for Garden City Community College students when they transfer to public four-year universities in the state.
    • KHEStats Portal
  • Student Success Index
    • KBOR tracks student completion and retention across public higher education institutions in its Student Success Index. To access the index, please navigate to the KHEStats portal and select "Student Success Index."
    • KHEStats Portal
  • Performance Agreement

    • Garden City Community College enters in to an annual performance agreement with KBOR, identifying key success indicators. To see the most recent Performance Agreement Report for GCCC and all public institutions in the state, please find the Performance Reports document on the KBOR web site.
    • KBOR Performance Reports


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