Student Clubs & Organizations


Garden City Community College Art Club exists to provide opportunities for participation in art-centered exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations in Southwest KS. The club provides GCCC students the opportunity to expand their creative knowledge through service and travel. Participants create a diverse and supportive artistic community while serving as ambassadors of the arts to GCCC and Southwest Kansas. GCCC Art Club unites like-minded students to encourage formation of arts centered communities through numerous events and demonstrations. GCCC Art Club provides members the opportunity to experience visual arts and culture by traveling to see contemporary and historical art not available in our local community.


Brian McCallum
(620) 276-0419

Michael Knutson
(620) 276-9644



This is the official organization for students in the nursing and pre-nursing courses. The association acts as an information group, stimulates interest in the profession and promotes participation in campus and community projects. ANS is also active in sponsoring an annual pinning ceremony in conjunction with GCCC graduation.

RN Sponsor:

Larry Jenkins
(620) 276-9563

PN Sponsor:

Shellie Emahizer
(620) 276-9566



The College sponsors intercollegiate participation in football, baseball, basketball, cross country, esports, track and field, golf, soccer and rodeo for men, and volleyball, basketball, rodeo, cheer, dance, soccer, softball, cross country, esports, and track and field for women. The College is a member of the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association. The athletic program is designed to provide competition in sports for any student who can qualify for the teams and who meets College, conference, and national association requirements. Physical conditioning, teamwork and cooperation, competitiveness, mental discipline, and spectator enjoyment are among the objectives of the program.


Mike Pilosof
(620) 276-0352



Garden City Community College Sports Medicine Department offers the opportunity to gain clinical shadowing and hands-on skills experience in the field of athletic training. This program serves to advance the education of students that are pursuing degrees in the medical field. It lends well to those seeking careers in athletic training, physical therapy, exercise science, health education/research, nursing, EMT/paramedic, and others. Students of the program assist the certified athletic trainers in the treatment and care of student-athletes across 17 NJCAA teams on campus. Those that join have the chance to learn first-aid, emergency care, injury evaluation and treatment techniques, functional anatomy, and much more. Students provide medical coverage at practices and games and may have the opportunity to travel with our athletic teams to conference, regional, and national events. Academic scholarships are available to those that qualify (grade point average and time commitment requirements will apply).


Allison Griffin
(620) 276-9617



Membership is open to all students for one hour of credit per semester. Previous experience and a desire to contribute to campus life are requirements for prospective members. Ensembles, with the other College musical organizations, makes an annual tour of Southwest Kansas high schools in the spring.


Christopher Johnson
(620) 276-6544

Makenzi Johnson
(620) 275-3250

Renee Carmichael
(620) 276-0461



A nationally recognized agriculture organization, membership is open to all students wishing to learn more about agriculture, agriculture careers and/or to further develop agricultural skills. This club meets combined with Collegiate Farm Bureau.


Clint Alexander
(620) 276-9527



The mission of the GCCC Bookbusters Club is to explore and create literature and creative writing together with respect outside of a structured classroom environment. Students participate in the creation of Project 1919: GCCC's Magazine of the Arts. Students take a leadership role in organizing meetings and events centered around their specific interests in these topics. Students do not need to be English majors to participate in this club. 


Veronica Goosey
(620) 276-9682 

Seth Kristalyn
(620) 275-3223



As part of the two separate federal grants, GCCC grants Bridges and LSAMP scholarships for STEM majors. Each student must work on a small research project throughout the academic year and develop a research proposal for submissions to a research conference. Additionally, students receive tutoring, advising, and work experience as lab assistants as needed.


Perla Salazar
(620) 276-9551

Shelli Lalicker
(620) 276-0425



Choir is open to all students who enroll in the class and they may qualify to receive a scholarship as well. The College choir presents three major performance as well as several other public appearances throughout the year. Participants in choir have many opportunities for rewarding musical experiences.


Sean Boller
(620) 276-9787


Clay Target Club

Garden City Community College Clay Target Club is to provide a safe, fun, and competitive environment for college students. The league will focus on student athletes who wish to improve their trap shooting skills. The club is an extracurricular co-ed activity.  Club members are welcome to participate in the league. 


Dru Saddler
(620) 276-0443



Esports offers traditional and non-traditional students a unique and new opportunity to be involved with GCCC through competitive gaming. We offer all the fun of traditional gaming added with the experience of maintaining healthy, successful students for their future endeavors.


The forensics and debate program is open to all students who wish to hone their interpretive performance and critical thinking skills. The organization is open to all majors and has available scholarships. Teams compete in 6 to 8 competitions per academic year.



Kansas Farm Bureau's Collegiate Farm Bureau program offers students the ability to enhance their leadership skills through experiences and opportunities within the Farm Bureau organization to become agricultural leaders. 


Cindy VenJohn
(620) 276-9502



See your work in print and online. Be a part of a group while learning multimedia design, reporting, videography, video and audio editing, public relations, marketing, and sports media. Help students, faculty, and staff by telling them about breaking news that affects their lives or giving them a voice. Work in a state-of-the-art media lab to produce multimedia for the campus and community. Learn marketable skills in both your specific subject area as well as in management and human relations. Join the hundreds of GC3 Media alumni who got their start with GC3 Media and are now media managers, editors, writers, graphic designers, on-air talent, public relations specialists, salespeople, and many other occupations. Students must enroll in Media Production I, II, III, IV (COMM-121, 114, 203 or 204) and will receive course credit and a grade for their participation. In addition, students are eligible for scholarships. Jobs are available at skill levels ranging from basic to highly technical; compensation is commensurate with the skill level and time commitment required. Jobs with GC3 Media are available for students without regard to major. Although many of the students are Communication majors, other students are studying Art, Education, Computer Science, English, etc. All staff members are required to be full-time students at GCCC and must be in good standing, with a 2.5 minimum grade point average. 


Stacey Carr 



The Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO) exists to nurture and encourage the leadership skills of young adults. HALO promotes Hispanic leadership within our culture and community by pursuing higher education. HALO offers the opportunity to participate in social, economic, and political issues. HALO welcomes all students.

Contact GCCC HALO at


Johana Gonzalez:
(620) 276-9674

Lizette Avalos
(620) 275-3268

Vicky Reyes 
(620) 276-9788



An intramural athletic program is available for students who wish to participate. The program, operated by the Student Activities Coordinator, offers various activities including basketball, dodge ball, sand volleyball, wallyball, volleyball, basketball, flag football, racquetball, softball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, etc. Student interest may provide for additional activities.


The GCCC meat judging team dates back to 1987 on this campus. Overall, meat judging was started as a way for students to utilize industry concepts and equations to compete with other Colleges and universities with an animal science curriculum. Many industry leaders look for the career traits that meat judging team members have, including decision making, note-taking, communication, and time management skills. Team members are awarded a scholarships for two years. The team has won National Championships (2003, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2020), Reserve National Championships (2001, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2018, and 2019), the Australian Championship (2014) and the team has had 33 All-American's since the award was developed in 2002. The team travels around the country, judging on a calendar year basis, to anywhere between 5 and 8 national contests each year.


Clint Alexander
(620) 276-9527



The national honor society for two-year colleges promotes scholarship, fellowship, and service for students who are invited to membership. Students who earn a 3.5-4.0 cumulative grade point average and who have completed twelve hours toward a degree program are invited to membership each semester. Active chapter members participate in the Honors Study, chapter social activities, and service projects for the campus and community. Opportunities are also available for participation in activities with other chapters on the state and national level. Members of the Garden City Community College Alpha Xi Upsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa are recognized at graduation and in several activities during the year on campus.


Winsom Lamb,
(620) 276-0443
Tammy Hutcheson
(620) 276-9623



PRISM is an acronym for Promoting Respect and Inclusion of Social Minorities. This organization is to promote awareness, understanding, and tolerance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, questioning, and transgender issues at the GCCC campus and GC Community through advocacy, social activities, and community service. PRISM holds numerous events throughout the year that focus on fun, education, and travel in support of social minorities.


Brian K. McCallum
(620) 276-9419

Michael Knutson
(620) 276-9644



Collegiate Quiz Bowl (Quizards) is a traveling team, similar to Scholars Bowl. The team competes with other community colleges across the state and in national tournaments throughout the fall and spring semesters. Tournaments can include topics from community college curricula, including literature, social and physical sciences, math, geography, art, music, history, pop culture, current events, and sports. Scholarships are available for players.


Cody Cundiff
(620) 276-9582

Haley York
(620) 276-9643



The Science and Math Club at Garden City Community College exists to promote knowledge and appreciation of science and math among GCCC students. The club promotes science and math through activities and events, such as demonstrations for students, learning how to use and then using 3D printers and software, and attending community events with science-related activities. The club is open to any student interested in science and math or related fields.


Nicole Dick
(620) 276-9686



Scholarships are offered for those students willing to work an average of twelve hours a week at the Student Center and assist in the advertising and overseeing of student activities. All full-time students are encouraged to apply. Students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA. Past SAC events include: Make-It Take -It Tuesdays, pool tournaments, bowling, free week-before-finals massages, movie nights, and intramural activities.



SGA is the student representative governing body of the College. It meets each week for discussion of campus activities, problems, and necessary improvements. Members are elected to the association from the student body. Students are encouraged to participate in both the SGA and the activities it sponsors.

Contact SGA directly at


Persons who are actively engaged in the field of criminal justice and students who are criminal justice majors are eligible for membership. Includes Criminal Justice Competition Team: Members of the Criminal Justice Competition Team are selected on grades, leadership abilities and involvement. Members must be a criminal justice majors and become a member of the American Criminal Justice Association/ Lambda Alpha Epsilon, which sponsors regional and national competitions. Kansas criminal justice programs also sponsor additional in-state competitions during the year. The team has been successful at state, regional and national levels in all of the competition categories including written tests, crime scene investigation, physical agility, and firearms. GCCC's competition team has won numerous regional awards and three national championships.


Brandy Unruh
(620) 276-9503