Psychology is a wide field that focuses on human behavior and the mind. If you're interested in furthering your education in this area, our coursework will give you a solid foundation and deepen your understanding of this scientific study of cognitive, emotional, and social processes.



The Associate in Science in Psychology is designed for those who wish to prepare for a career in this field by furthering their education. For some, that may mean continuing on to a bachelor's and/or master's degree. Because of the variety of requirements in four and six year programs, psychology majors are encouraged to check the specific course requirements at their choice universities. 

Careers in Psychology

Studying psychology puts you on the path to many career pathways: counseling, education, human resources, social work, marketing, and much more. 

Class Sizes 

Because psychology is a general education requirement at GCCC, you will meet students from across the disciplines in your classroom. Class sizes are typically limited to 24 or 26 students, which means individualized attention from your instructors and opportunities to meet and interact with other students from many backgrounds in an up-close environment.