Expert's Corner Social Science Division

Expert's Corner Social Science

Image of Renee Harbin, Division Chair

Renee Harbin - Division Chair of Business and Technology, HPER, and Social Science

headshot of karen adams

Karen Adams - Instructor of HPER and Social Science

Sheena Hernandez
Sheena Hernandez - English Instructor & Division Chair of Communications, Education (Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary)

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Holly Chandler - Reading/ Education Instructor

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Cody Cundiff - Social Science Instructor 

Greg Greathouse Headshot

Greg Greathouse
- HPER Instructor

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Tammy Hutcheson - Social Science Instructor 

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Winsom Lamb - Social Science Instructor 

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Andy Lewton - HPER Instructor

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Courtney Morris Reading/Education Instructor

dru saddler

Dru Saddler - History/ Social Science Instructor