GC3 Educators

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GC3 Educators is the faculty union and serves as your negotiating voice for contract matters. Although GC3 Educators differs in its mission, the bottom line is both Faculty Senate and GC3 Educators work together for the faculty and for our students. GC3 meetings are called periodically.

Renee Harbin President of GC3 Educators

Renee Harbin

Office: (620) 276-9586

Building: ACAD

Email: renee.harbin@gcccks.edu

Nicole Dick Treasuer of GC3 Educators

Nicole Dick
Vice President

Office: (620) 276-9686

Building: FOUS

Email: nicole.dick@gcccks.edu

Nicole Dick Treasuer of GC3 Educators

Perla Salazar

Office: (620) 276-9551

Building: FOUS

Email: perla.salazar@gcccks.edu

Stacey Carr secretary of GC3 Educators

Ryan Grubbs

Office: (620) 276-9525

Building: JCVT

Email: ryan.grubbs@gcccks.edu


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