Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Founded in 1919, Garden City Community College has served the public longer than any other community college in Kansas. GCCC is the senior leader in community college education for Kansas with a tradition of preparing men and women of all ages from diverse backgrounds for success in their lives and careers.  The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program has ranked GCCC among the top 10 percent of American community colleges for two consecutive years.  In 2012, CNN-Money Magazine ranked GCCC among the top 24 community colleges in the U.S. for student success.

The mission of this college is to help each student become a positive contributor to society and the economy.  GCCC offers opportunities for each individual who steps onto the campus, logs onto our website, calls our phone lines, and entrusts his or her future to the opportunities we provide.

The foundation of Garden City Community College's strategic plan are the four Pillars of Progress.  These Pillars serve as foundational components for sustainability and longevity of the institution and our mission of producing positive contributors to society. Additionally, they support our shared vision of becoming the premier educational nexus to progress and world-class learning in a dynamic environment.

The four Pillars represent basic requirements for institutional and academic excellence:

  1. Student Success
  2. Institutional Partnerships
  3. Human, Physical, and Financial Resources.
  4. Sustainable Infrastructure

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