Math & Science

The Science and Mathematics Division at GCCC includes Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Pre-Health Occupations, Pre-Engineering, Math, and Physics. 

Many in-demand and high-paying jobs require a solid foundation in math and science. And, the knowledge and skills you learn in these areas benefit not only you but others, too. Doctors, scientists, engineers, nurses, teachers, economists, and IT professionals all need a strong science and math education to do the work they do. Our small-size classes with direct attention from you instructors will help you solidify your knowledge base in these areas if you plan to transfer to a four-year university! 

Our classes are held in the Fouse Math and Science Building, where our science labs, cadaver lab, classrooms, and instructors' offices are also located. If you'd like to tour these facilities or meet with a faculty member, give us a call today! 

students wearing college t shirts