Exercise Science

Do you want to learn the science behind why your muscles burn when you exercise?  Do you want to understand how it is that muscle grown bigger as a result of lifting weights?  The Exercise Science program at Garden City Community College will help you to explore these answers and much more about the way our bodies respond to movement and physical activity.  Whether it is your goal to be a personal trainer, a physical therapist, or an exercise physiologist, the knowledge you gain in the program will be useful immediately after you leave the classroom. The exercise science program is dedicated to maintaining an educational system that provides our students with the didactic experimental and ethical foundations of human physiology and movement necessary to prepare them for admission to a bachelors degree program and future employment opportunities.  That means that you will take courses which prepare you for your next step towards your career in exercise science, whether that is immediate employment or transferring to a university exercise science program.

Exercise Science


Class Sizes

On average, there are about 12 students in the exercise science courses each semester, giving you more opportunities to apply the basic principles of how the body functions during movement.

Scholarship Opportunities

As an exercise science student at GCCC, you are eligible for many scholarships provided through the general scholarship funds and the endowment association.


Your academic and exercise science advisement is available through the division of health, physical education, and recreation, which means that the athletic training and exercise science faculty members also serve as advisors for the program.  These individuals have the experience with physical education and the knowledge of program requirements at GCCC to successfully guide you to graduation and prepare you for your next step.