With over sixteen courses specific to the study of fine art, GCCC has an art program for you! Whether you are an Art Major looking for foundational studio courses to transfer for further university study, you need art courses for a major outside of the art department, such as pre-architecture, graphic design, or pre-engineering, or if you are simply interested in taking art courses for personal enjoyment, the GCCC art program has something for you.

The courses in the Art Department are directed toward fulfilling your needs, no matter what category you fall into. Regardless of the reasons for taking art courses, all students involved in the program become positive contributors to the economic and social well-being of society.  

Fine Art

Interested in expanding your creative side? The GCCC Fine Arts Division invites all high school students to discover our Art program.  

Two-Dimensional Art

The Two-Dimensional Art program provides avenues for research and development of personal creative expression in various drawing, painting and printmaking courses. Projects in each class challenge the student's creative problem solving skills through execution of design. We teach and encourage exploration both in traditional areas of each media and outside the conventional realm of contemporary concepts. The fundamental training enables students to earn an associate degree while completing lower division preparatory classes for a four-year degree with curriculum designed to maximize transferable courses and provide basic skills required for employment in art-related fields.

We provide a broad range of foundational two-dimensional courses for those pursuing a degree in the studio arts, art education, and commercial art.

Three-Dimensional Art

The Three-Dimensional Art Program focuses on preparing students to transfer to a four year institution with superior technical and intellectual skills. The program engages students in craft, technique, design, and creative problem solving in a nurturing classroom that is both small and state of the art. We operate several kilns, with plenty of space to expand your creative horizons.

Recently the art programs have increased opportunities for students to take classes in digital media. The GCCC art major has the opportunity to explore within a carefully designed curriculum crafted to bring out your best in and out of the classroom. We challenge our students to involve themselves with the community, participating in cultural activities that enrich the lives of many underserved populations. Experiences in the real world organizing, sharing their craft and serving the college and our world prepare students to be leaders in their jobs and in their universities.

In addition to two and three dimensional foundations courses, our Visual Communications Department focuses on classes in graphic design, web design and photography as a vital part of the GCCC experience. Art majors are encouraged to explore every avenue of creativity.


Numerous tuition and book scholarships are awarded each semester to art majors. These competitive scholarships are renewed each semester depending on GPA standings and involvement in our GCCC Art Club. Eligibility is based on a portfolio containing previous works of art which are evaluated by faculty.

Additional scholarships are periodically available for students who show dedication and talent above and beyond the norm.

GCCC Art Club

GCCC Art Club membership is a requirement for art majors and an opportunity for art supporters. The Art Club allows Art Majors to get involved on campus and in the community through numerous events in organized by Student Government Association. Twice a year the club travels to art events in the region. Every year in the fall, members attended the Kansas Artist Craftsman Association annual conference held in Universities across the state to participate in art openings and lectures. Each spring we travel to a major regional city to explore the art scene, visit galleries and museums. Recent trips include Denver, Kansas City Wichita and Santa Fe. The club offers our art scholars the opportunity to expand their horizon and serve as ambassadors of the arts in the GCCC and Southwest Kansas communities.

GCCC Potters Guild

The GCCC Potters Guild organizes potters around event opportunities to market their wares while raising monies for the GCCC Arts Programs. There are sales events on campus in the fall and spring as well as arts fair opportunities on the summer. Monies raised by the Potters Guild help fund visiting artists and equipment purchases.

GCCC Visiting Artist Program

Each year the Visiting Artist Program gives our students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge by experiencing hands on demonstrations and lectures by professional artists, musicians and writers. The students offer their suggestions for upcoming events. Past artists include faculty and graduate candidates from area colleges and Universities as well as professional artists and musicians.