Suicide Prevention

College can be a stressful place. When some students feel stress from college and other life sources, they may begin to consider suicide as a way to deal with their problems. We want you to know that we care about the well-being of every student on this campus and so we have a number of resources to help these students.

For Students Considering Suicide

If you are considering suicide, please contact the Counseling and Advising department at (620) 276-9640 or stop in and see us in the Student and Community Services Center. The Counseling and Advising Department offers free and confidential counseling services to any GCCC student who is going through a hard time. We want to help you. If you want to talk to someone but our office is closed, you can call the Area Mental Health Center at (620) 276-7689. You can also call or text the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988. Below are some links with more helpful information.

For People Concerned That a Student may Commit Suicide

If you know someone who you think is considering suicide, the counselors in the Counseling and Advising department are available to offer confidential consultations in how to help this person. You can reach us at (620) 276-9640 or you can send us more information through our safety assessment form. To learn more about risk factors and warning signs for suicide, you can visit